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20, Female
United Kingdom
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I am kinda left out in my class. I prefere being in my own world. My favourite animal is either a wolf or a tiger... can't decide.
Tools of the trade
I draw in pencil on paper.... i usually shade, not colour, but when i do colour, i prefere crayons and coloured pencils, unless its tribal art, then i do them with felt tips
I like to draw, read and write. It sounds boring but for me its not. I make up stories, read fantasy books, and draw random things. I also like playing on games, and going on PC, and playing keyboard. I also like sitting down and watching a good movie either at home or cinema
Favourite books
I have a lot, but i love the Demonata seriers by Darren Shan, the Warrior Cats series, 13 Treasures + 13 curses, and the Divide series.
Favourite movies
Ooh i have LOTS: The Twilight Saga, The Narnia series, Simpsons Movie, Shrek, Madagascar, the Hole, Alice in Wonderland (Jhonny Depp), Jurasic park 3 and the Resident Evil series. Oh yea, and Final Destination 3d!
Favourite music
... JLS, Cheryl Cole Promis this, black eyed peas, N-Dubz playing with fire, Fireworks, umm.... i have loads okay!