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22, Female
United States
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My names Emily but everybody calls me Zoe, and im in 10th grade. Answers to Questions people allways ask me:On my mom's side I have Scots-irish heritage, and my dads side German and Polish but I've been raised in Georgia.I haven't taken any drawing classes but took painting classes when i was 8 until i was 10. I took guitar for 2 years (but dont remember much of it), and I can play a few songs by ear on piano, but the only instrument that i practice and play on a regular basis is my voice (unless rockband instruments count) XP. If you have any artwork requests I'd love to take them ^_^ and friend request are awesome.
Tools of the trade
whatevers within reaching distance ^_^
Hobbies are , sports (any), drawing (duh), reading?maybe?, video games - halo reach, and CODmw2
Favourite books
The Hunger Games Series, Shiver, i have no clue (not a book)
Favourite movies
Zombieland and Scott Pilgrim vs The World!!!
Favourite music
LIGHTS, Stephanie Smith, Paramore, Flyleaf, Meg&Dia, Linkin Park, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor