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20, Female
United States
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I LOVE to draw! I've improved over the months at drawing anime well let's say over a year cuz i started in 6th grade drawing anime ever since Caitlyn drew one in class. I'll pretty much upload my sucky drawings first and then gradually get to my better drawings or my most recent drawings. If your familiar with TM (TinierMe) I draw selfy's for other ppl. I haven't opened an art shop cause i still want to perfect my skills but i love some ppl who are willing to let me draw them for practice. This website has helped me a lot at improving and i can't wait to upload one of my first tutorials! Nyaa~
Tools of the trade
Um easy stuff Pencil Paper and Colored Pencils are my main stuff.
Dancing,Drawing, Playing on the computer,hanging with friend's etc.
Favourite books
My absolute FAVORITE book ever was a book called The Hunger Games
Favourite movies
Um... A LONG list of them
Favourite music
I listen to mostly Now music