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29, Female
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Member since: Aug 21, 2010
Huge video game and anime fan :3 I randomly doodle in my school work (bad habit xD)and I wanna go see the world :3
Tools of the trade
Pencils, pens, pencil crayons.. I couldn't do a drawing on the computer to save my life O:
Gaming, jigsaw puzzling, doodling, chatting, web surfing. That's about it..
Favourite books
Dragons of Pern series, The Immortals series, Sherlock Holmes stories, Little House on the Prairie series (classic!), Anne of Green Gables series (funny thing is I got bored after the few pages when I first read it years ago. Then I randomly made myself read it a few years ago and grew to love it)
Favourite movies
So many! So I'll just list a random bunch.. Inception (I generally understood it, lol), FFVII: AC, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, the Titanic, Shanghai Knights, the DiamondDust Rebellion, and so on and so forth..
Favourite music
Heh, dunno what to categorize 'em under.. because I mostly just listen to music that I heard in a movie or game if I find it catchy. Other than that, international music! especially traditional.. and non-English :P for some reason I feel like I wouldn't like a song as much if I understood it.