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26, Female
United States
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idk what to say anymore, i act different everyday. whichh sucks cause i get way too moody..and haha i look really funny when i'm being abducted my aliens..lindsey knows what i mean xDD buuuuut hm..i love shawn like a lot. i know we have times when we don't talk for like weeks..which i miss him a lot when that happens..but in the end i always love him:) idk what to do without him. i think it's better being with him then anyone else, i wouldn't trade him for the world(:
Tools of the trade
pencils, color pencils, paper, no crayons they just get too waxy xD
drawing, being hyper, trying to make ppl happy..besides my parents, standing up for ppl :),xD..ohh and this isn't really a hobbie, but i always have typos so yea just warning you
Favourite books
none..well i didn't like twilight..because too many ppl started liking it..ohh i like coraline..and yea that's pretty much it. but i would rather read romance novels or fantasy out of any genre.
Favourite movies
hah anything funny..or romantic.. i don't really care. ohhh i love scary movies. they make me shake..but lindsey and i usually would laugh threw them..and take breaks so we could eat and not feel gross :P
Favourite music
umm basically anything besidesss country music and rap. ugh i hate those two. but i like- nevershoutnever<3, escape the fate, hawthrone heights, eyes set to kill, BOTDF (haha), bullet for my valentine, hollywood undead (some of their songs), all american rejects, from first to last, bvb, 30 seconds to marz, matt and kim, modest mouse, muse, sum 41 (just the song fat lip, cause it's on this one game i have and lindsey and i used to play it all the time =D) tokio hotel, secondhand serenade, framing hanely, goldfinger, motion city soundtrack, hot hot heat, jack's mannequin, hello goodbye, dashboard confessional, M.I.A. (paperplanes) sugarcult, A.F.I., yellowcard, 3oh3!, paramore, and many more.
umm only if i like you :)
um no
haha no
yah i have one..nope i'm not going to add u as a friend