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27, Female
United States
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fave anime:sailor moon[thats how i learned my planets]naruto[duh][[i have gotten better reflexs from watching it^.^]]hiruko no go[i learned how to play go form reading the manga]pokemon[yesh thats how i learned most of the elements]but you see?anime does help teach necessery life skillz!
Tools of the trade
pencil paper pen my hand[unfortunaly mouthless] colored pencils[momsmart she doesnt allow me to use paint>.<
drawing akatsuki being a obsessive narutard umm reading sleeping eating breathing[ever tried that its FUN!] fangirl squealing [♪~*SQEEEE*~♪]being random[btw did u kno that MJ doctors DID NOT kill him but it was sasgay killed micheal jackson-but who cares all that matters is that little boys everywhere are safe^.^
Favourite books
manga,youtube comments, bak of cereal boxies,peoples' minds,newspaper comixs! [im not the sharpest spoon in the knife droor!k?]oneshots online
Favourite movies
POC1,2,&3 monster in law,nightmare b4 Christmas,[dont judge me!]pokemon wishmaker[like i sayz dont judge mah!]transformer1&2 corloine[i X3 that movie!] the hangover,the spongebob movie[yesh i x3 spongebob]
Favourite music
breaking benjamin,casandra,evanesence,fall out boy,likin park,justian bieber[jfk i hate him/her//it?yea its a IT. im sure of it hehe] distance by long shot party fighting dreamers green day,daughtry lady gaga
awesome ninja
valerie Wtfomglol
i dont remeber