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23, Female
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I love anything cute or different, and can draw pretty good if I really take my time. I love doing other things in my spare time such as reading ,singing & writing. I am really crazy but at the same time a laid back person :)I LOVE CATS! Most likely going to be the crazy cat lady when im older.I Love animals & The colors green,blue & black. Im not really from Ireland but hope to live there some day ^_^
Tools of the trade
Im kinda a new artist right now still learning ^_^ right now just a pencil
Being Me!XD That's a hobby all its own ^_^ yeah plus I already told you a majority of my hobbies............I LOVE PICKLES! Im so sorry:O the nargles must be getting to my brain now causing me to type weird things I would most likely say if you were really standing here gosh that's a creepy thought I don't even know you why are you still reading this?Do you enjoy letting people waste your time? ok you will stop reading right NOW!....
Favourite books
Love the Twilight series if I must say but love all Lois Duncan books so far The Summoning was good can't wait to read the next two:D I really don't remember most of the names of the best books I read lol only a few that's just how weird my mind works I guess...
Favourite movies
The Crow duh! and also Twilight ,The lovely Bones,Alice and wonderland real and cartoon version,Gladiator,All dogs go to heaven,Quest for Camelot cartoon version,The man in the Iron mask,The glass mask,Titanic.........I watch a looooOoOT of movies ;D
Favourite music
I eat and breath music daily I can't really go a day without it.I don't really only roll with one type of music I listen to a lot of different stuff...Some of my favorite bands are Within Temptation, Owl City, Boys Likes Girls,Superchick,Nightwish, Breaking Benjamin...I like so many different artist Imogen Heap,Prisillah Ahn and oh goodness im getting tired of typing so just ask me if you really care :D Pardon my horrid spelling and punctuation I blame the teachers....