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20, Female
United States
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i love to draw. My mom's friend is an artist his name is Brian Fox. anyone heard of him? well he does a lot of paintings for disney and sports. The pirates of the carribean posters you see in stores if its a painting it's his. sadly i am not allowed to give out my email address or facebook account or my dad will freak so sorry
Tools of the trade
Yay! i got new stuff! Now i have a B,2B,6B,8B, and 4H pencil, charchoal pencils both white and black, pastels, and a moldable eraser
writing, drawing, reading, dog walking, and babysitting
Favourite books
white fang, Sherlock Holmes and his series. Also Warrior cats
Favourite movies
Sherlock Holmes, Titanic, and Bolt (my bf brought me to see it so its special to me)
Favourite music
80s and 90s rock, and Frankie Valli (just google it if you dont know him). Glee occasionally. none of that pop crud and.... cant spell crap without rap.