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20, Female
United States
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I'm really shy.I get nervous when someone looks at me or sits by me.I hate pink.My fave colors are black,purple,and blue.I love zebra stripes.I'm a really nice person unless I get ticked off.I can be kinky..I love Nick.I want to ditch school ,and run away from home.My life is not very exciting.I love to draw.(I'm not very good at it)I fight with my mom a lot.My cd player is my favorite thing.I would go crazy without my head phones and cd player.I'm a girl and I can totally kick but at video games!!I'm trying to learn how to play guitar and piano right now...
Tools of the trade
Anything I have to use.(a crayon and the kitchen cabinet works great btw)xD
Drawing,Talking to Nick,Pool,Video games,Reading,Watching tv,Going to South Side Birmingham with my sis at 2 in the morning,Being myself,getting in trouble,rebelling,I'm gonna have to change this l8r...Not in a good mood right now....
Favourite books
City of Bones,City of Ashes,and City of Glass
Favourite movies
I have so many faves.It's insane.Anyways I love horror.Blood and guts movies kinda amuse me.Some look so fake ,it's ridiculous.Johnny Depp movies are just freaking awesome! thaz it...
Favourite music
Right now I'm obsessed with My Chemical Romance...xD
Jolly Ranchers and Everlasting Gobstoppers!(not really)
No one uses myspace anymore.
explain how someone keeps a head inside a book?
uuh noo