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17, Female
United States
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I keep my grades in A's and B's ; i am very nice to friends and care for family and friends , but cold and mean to people i don't know. Live in Alaska , that's just beautiful! I was born in Alabama. I usually dress in khakis and short sleeved shirts , so i look like a guy, and to top that off i don't like wearing skirts or dresses, wearing my hair up, wearing make up , and i wear mens boots that work swell. I can make anyone a friend who is crazy, respective, nice, mature [ that doesn't mean you can't be inappropriate :) ], and anything else but these are the basic, so just message me or criticize my work! :) [ i do not believe in tracing , so if you trace your drawings , then that's not drawing , that's just stealing from someone. It's okay to free - hand draw, because you don't have lines to follow , except for instructions or an image, and whatever turns out is by your hand and not cheating ]
Tools of the trade
pencils, paper, my imagination, books to give help or ideas ( ex. Drawing wildlife by J.C. Amberlyn [ great book to see bone structures and skulls, fur, hooves , feet, and all kinds of things! ] ) IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE A TUTORIAL ( never really have done one except from talking directly to a friend) LET ME KNOW , AND I WILL TRY :D
Drawing ; Reading ; Spelling correctly ( take the hint..... ) ; collecting erasers ;
Favourite books
Atlas Shrugged ( Ayn Rand) ; The Fountainhead ( Ayn Rand) ; Wheel Of Time Series ( Robert Jordan ) ; Polgara ; Harpy Thyme ; Warriors series ( Erin Hunter ) ; Seekers series ( Erin Hunter ) ; Survivors ( Erin Hunter ) ;
Favourite movies
Cloud Atlas ; Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes ; Lion King ( classic movie from childhood) ; Seven Psychopaths ; Avatar ( not the kid show avatar, but James Cameron's movie) ; Documentaries ; Star Trek ; Step Brothers ; The iron Giant ( classic from childhood )
Favourite music
Willie Nelson ; Trance ; Mama Cass ; Patsy Cline ; Johnny Cash ; Beethoven ; Weird Al Yankovic ; the Chordettes ; Elton John ( okay ) ; John Mellencamp ;Foreigner ; Queen ; Haddaway ; Buggles : Nena ; Toto ; ABBA ; The Animals ; The Turtles ; Taco ; Marvin Gaye ; Enya ; Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs ; Smashing Pumpkins ; The Cranberries ; Men Without Hats ; Def Leppard ; Natasha Bedingfield ( pocketful of sunshine ) Christina Aguilera ; Kansas ; REM ; Poison ; Gary Jules ; ------- Winner of all ....... Pink Floyd ....... ( hate rap , and this is not all songs and bands , etc , that i like , but mostly everything is from the 90's 80's 70's 60's and Beethoven's time )
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