19, Female
United States
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My name is Caroline! My favorite color is coral (not pink). I'm constantly drawing, reading, writing, or listening to music. Yes, I'm writing a book, and I hope that it will be published soon! The thing that really gets on my nerves is when people pick on other people. I love making new friends and poking people because sometimes people just need a poke! XD My book will soon be complete and you all will marvel at it! It's gunna happen...
Tools of the trade
I like using pencils and water colors. I doodle way to much so I usually just use pencils, and I don't usually add any or a lot of color to my pictures unless I feel like it.
As I mentioned before... reading, writing, drawing, listening to music... etc. I also do acting and singing! Can't dance though... but I try!
Favourite books
All of them! Sci Fi Fantasy is my absolute favorite though...but mysteries are cool. Sherlock Holmes is my idol. Poetry is awesome...Tennyson and Frost are my favorites. Then again... I LOVE scary stories too... Edgar Allan Poe is beast! Jules Verne is too! I LOVE EM ALL!!! BTW Hunger Games has no equal!
Favourite movies
I'm a Disney girl :) I like Up and Despicable Me and Tangled and all the old Disney classics! I also like old old movies on TCM. If it was made after the fifties then I don't much care to watch it! Yeah, I know, it's weird, but :P I like em anyway.
Favourite music
I like love songs (i know its corny) and I like contemporary Christian music. I'm in love with Jack Johnson and Lenka and The Civil Wars. I like any artist with a smidge of folk and country in their sound. I'll listen to almost anything except rap. If I can't sing along then what's the point?