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Member since: Mar 17, 2013
Likes: Eating, dancing, TV, reading, my family and my friends, my pets (most of the time), jokes, and art of course! Dislikes: Annoying people, people who use the wrong memes for the wrong situations, stepping on legos, losing things, falling up the stairs, falling down stairs, hazelnuts(yes, hazelnuts. i can't enjoy nutella), people who make me question, "How are you even alive?!"
Tools of the trade
Pencils...and paper... i don't really know what to draw with like that yet, and i'm only practicing. I've been doing so for about 5 months. And if I am practicing art, then i really shouldn't be tutorials that tell other people how.
Playing video games, watching TV, and art. My favorite video game of all time is Kingdom Hearts! LOVES IT. Favorite shows are a tie between Doctor Who and Adventure Time. Sorry Incredible Crew, but you made third place.
Favourite books
Warriors Saga!!!! I'm behind though. I just got on Power of Three. (EarthClan, DeltaClan, SpiritClan, PhoenixClan, and the rebel tribes are mine!!)
Favourite movies
I have NO CLUE what my favorite movie is, i've seen ones that make me indecisive like The Avengers and Witch Hunters.
Favourite music
I like lots of genres, rock and dubstep mostly. Hurricane(30 Seconds to Mars), The Clockmaker(Vexare), Monster (two of them, one by Meg and Dia, and another "Monster" by Acid Paradox. Check it out on Newgrounds.) and a LOT more i choose not to name.