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I love to write and do extra on my work. I'm surprisingly in Grade Four, though I'm MUCH Taller. I'm good at running, though I'm going through some leg pain. I love Track and Field day. I love school and Homework. Every teacher says my class is the BEST Class, Though I don't think so.
Tools of the trade
Once and a while I use Windows Paint. You'll normally see me trying to copy pictures I find on the internet that are computer drawn, and hand-draw them. Anyways, I do use Pencils, Markers, Pens, Pencil Crayons Ect.
Singing, Running, Dancing, Writting, Drawing, Reading, Jumping, Sports, Swimming and Fashionation.
Favourite books
The Hunger Games, Firefly Lane, Winter Garden, Black Beauty, Princess and the Peabodys, and Dork Diaries Because I am a Dork c;
Favourite movies
The Hunger Games, I'm not a big movie Fan, so mostly the 3d Cartoons they're Making.
Favourite music
Taylor Swift- Ours, Taylor Swift- Safe And Sound Taylor Swift: Never Getting Back together, Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat, Bruno Mars - If I was your Man, Alexander Ryback - Fairy Tale, Alexander Ryback - 13 Horses, Taylor Swift - Red, Alexander Ryback - Kiss and Tell, And Lastly, Alexander Ryback - Song from a Secret Garden.