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18, Male
United Kingdom
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Ive got Dark Brown Hair and Brown (almost Black) eyes, Im still a student and I'm studying how to become a game designer so most of my art is Fantasy or character based. But on top of that I'm just your average Otaku, I like watching anime my favourite anime's are Sword art online and Kokoro connect, But I like Romance anime as well as shounen anime's like Fairy Tail and Bleach (although I'm pretty annoyed at how they've cut off the anime half way through).
Tools of the trade
My drawing set ranges from 6B to 6H graphite pencils including F and HB I have a set of watercolour pencils but not many so they only cover the basic colours. I also have charcoal pencils and Oil pastels and a few sets of acrylic, Poster and Watercolour paints, as well as a set of brushes.
Drawing, watching Anime, running, Games and Playing the Piano
Favourite books
Im an Otaku so most of the books I read are manga. But my favourite books are the Angel Beats, Tsubasa Reservoir chronicles and Sword Art Online collections.
Favourite movies
My favourite movies are: The James bond series, The Harry Potter series, Jonah Hex and the Disappearance of Haruhi-Suzamiya
Favourite music
Instrumentals and rock.
Dont have one yet
Joshyua Howlett