28, Female
United States
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I like to skateboard, play basketball , read books, draw, and have fun. I'm a pretty out going person if i like you. My favorite colors black, i'm almost 18. I'm a hard worker. I love to make new friends and help people when they need someone to talk to or to comfort them. I'm a pretty funny person, i'm a metal head and a bit of a loner sometimes, uhhhh yea i guess that's it for now.
Tools of the trade
I use pencil's,pens, eraser :p and chalk and I think I use some other stuff I just forgot haha but that's basically it:)
I work with my dad on the roof, I chip up tile, and I do a lot of other things on houses we buy and fix up and sell again haha (Real estate ) and i'm active I love running an being outside..aThere's nothing like zoning out with your ipod and skateboarding your heart out:p..everyone needs their alone time an space. I also like to sleep ,am i right guys? sleep is good especially when you're zoned out. I like to chill in my room a lot too. I love meeting new people and talking. I'm also a dancer, and i write my own music and play piano and sing, i'm good with make up and i plan to be a big success umm....hmmm..i guess the rest you'll just have to get to know me for haha :) peace guys. I have a pintrest too my username is Lioness, my profile picture is a black and white picture i took of my eye. Hit me up if you want.
Favourite books
The hunger games ,the power of nine I think it's called:p and I like Vladimir Todd chronicles, annnnndddd oh yea! my dragon book series their pretty good :p I'm going to start reading Maximium Ride, and I read Percy Jackson book's all of them and thee Kane family interesting story line right there:)
Favourite movies
psychology, serial killer movies, i don't mind romance, i like action but i like the suspense and mystery if you can find a good movie like that.
Favourite music
Dead By April, 5FDP, Linkin park, Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria, The Weekend, Somo, Sage The Gemi, For Today, I See Stars, Rihanna, Matty Mullins, My Chemical Romance, Aveneged SevenFold, Drake,ummmm yea thats a few bands for yea haha
nah bruh i'm good
if your lucky
errmm no
MySpace in my room
nope i don't like my face on a book
....does any body still even do twiitter???