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22, Female
United States
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I can replicate any picture I want exactly how it is. But the pictures in my head are a bit harder to draw. I guess I just need to have more patience when it comes to drawing from my mind.
Tools of the trade
mechanical pencils are good because you don't have to sharpen them, but to draw a true picture the original #2 pencils work the best.
I obviously like to draw but I also love to sing and play piano, I have been told I'm a really good singer by everyone that hears me, and yet I don't like singing in front of people because I think I'm not good enough. :(oh well
Favourite books
Hunger Games, Eyes In The Mirror, The Girl In The Steal Corset, The Giver. Those are just my most remembered books.
Favourite movies
Well I'm not going to lie even though it's a kid movie I think "Hotel Transylvania" is amazing. I also love "Red Dawn," "Pitch Perfect," And any good zombie movie that I can find, Therefor my favorite TV show is "The walking Dead" ;3
Favourite music
Well there are to many different kinds of music but some of my favorites are Avenged sevenfold, Evanescence, T.A.T.U, Panic At the Disco!, Second Hand Serenade, Paramore, Green Day, DHT, Maroon 5, Fly Leaf, Toby Turner, Shane Dawson, and Christina Grimmie. That's not all of them but it sums it up.