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19, Male
United States
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I like Ducks, 15 Years Old, Freshman, Love to Draw, Mutlimedia Artist is my Dream Job, Like Music, and Anime, About Half Otaku, I like the word Derp, and I think about if I can make it an actual word one day, Xeljaro is my atler-ego, Xeno is my Gamer-ego, and I'm Always Derping, and Always Will be.
Tools of the trade
Mechanical Pencil (Preferibly Caliber 0.7/0.5mm), Pen (Few Times), Ruler, Anything Circular (From Timers, and Soup cans to marker caps, and cups :D), Desk/Hardcover book, Notebook, Sketch, and Construction Paper, Imagination, Inspiration.
Videogaming- Xbox, Grand Fantasia, Minecraft Drawing Watching Anime Watching Anime Movies Derping Annying People I hate More Derping
Favourite books
Warriors, by: Erin Hunter Soul Eater Manga A.I. Love You Naruto Manga Dragon Ball Manga Sonic the Hedgehog Comics Anything on Psychology, Physics, Mental Health. Kingdom Keepers Series Pokemon Adventures Manga My Fanfiction~ Kingdom Fantasy by XenoInfinity (That's me!) My Friend's Fanfiction~ The 15th Key by TheTwinKeys Any Advanced Math, Science books (They keep me entertained)
Favourite movies
All the Harry Potter Movies The Naruto Movies Those Fan-Made movie trailers on YouTube Super Mario Bros. Z (Would it count as a movie?) The Sonic the Hedgehog Movies (You know the old-school 40 to 80 Min cartoons) Happy Feet Romeo and Juliet (With Leo DiCaprio) Any Disney Movies (I'm a sucker for anything featuring Mickey Mouse, or a princess xD) The Pokemon Movies The Dragonball Movies
Favourite music
PAPERMOON~ Tommy Heavenly Lost Woods Dubstep Rap~ NoneLikeJoshua and Ephixa A Little Piece of Heaven~ Avenged Sevenfold MIA~ Avenged Sevenfold Almost Easy~ Avenged Sevenfold Dear God~ Avenged Sevenfold Welcome to the Family~ Avenged Sevenfold Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Have a nice Dream~ Soul Eater Beat Hit~ Digimon Best Evolution Black Out~ Zebrahead CARAMELLDANSEN Catch Me if You Can: Rocking Beats Mix Chasing the Sun~ The Wanted Clique~ Kanye West Dearly Beloved~ Yoko Shimomura Death the Kid (So Crazy) Demon Days~ Zebrahead Bakusou Yume Uta~ Diggy-Mo Dreams of an Absolution~ Lee Brotherton Drole~ Telmini and NoneLikeJoshua Endless Possibility~ Bowling for Soup Gangnam Style~ PSY Harlem Shake Ima Boss~ Meek Mill Lost it All~ Avenged Sevenfold Mitt Romney Style~ CollegeHumor Minecraft Style~ CaptainSparklez Not Ready to Die~ Avenged Sevenfold Numa Numa Rewind YouTube Style 2012 Resonance~ Soul Eater Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites~ Skrillex Basically anything by Crush 40 Soul Ea