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I go to school and love every subject,I get straight A and A-. At home,I have 3 dogs,2 cats and 10 goldfish.I had a parrot but I gave it to my cousin.I love animals and I'm not afraid to show it.I go against animal abuse and sexual abuse.These are forms of very horrible bullying.
Tools of the trade
I use different kind of tools.For instance,I usually use HB pencils and colored pencils.I rarely use markers but only when I need to to special touches.I like using pencils for shading because I find shading so interesting and beautiful.I use small erasers to erase delicately.When I paint,I use watercolor but mostly acrylic paints and small brushes for a canvas.
Hobbies?Well, I guess I enjoy reading,drawing,writing,doing projects and baking.I also think making my friends and teachers and family laugh.Joy is something that can last a long time but food or money,only last shorter time and they have less value.
Favourite books
I'm a HUGE fan of Warrior cat books by Erin Hunter.I know everything there is to know about her.She is actually 4 women who work together and take turns to write each book in the series,they didn't want to confuse readers so they used the fake name,Erin Hunter.I also like Chloe Coker books and Bakerella books.They're about baking and I adore baking,I'm also a huge fan of manga drawing books.Mostly by Christopher Hart .
Favourite movies
I like animal movies either fiction or nonfiction I love animals and they are my life.I have many pets and photos of animals.Movies are a great way to learn about things.
Favourite music
I'm not a huge fan of Justin Bieber or One Direction but I like soft calm music,it helps me work.But my favorite song is Firefly.I think it really tells a story.