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29, Female
United States
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Well, I love Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is Mew. I also play an online game called MapleStory. If you play too, wondering who I am, or just want to search my character up for some reason, my user name is Aranielllia with 3 l's. I mean to spell it with 2, but i actually put 3 and didn't notice. I have a frog hat and wing glasses with blue curly hai, and a strong sapphire stare. My favorite god and goddess are Zeus the lighting god, and Artemis the bow wielding,angel winged goddess.
Tools of the trade
I just use a pencil, paper, and a picture to draw. Easy utensils.
Favourite books
My favorite boks are the Inkheart series. Im now reading Inkspell, the book after Inkheart. Their all very long books, but there the most awesome. Well, to me. The author is Cornella Funke.
Favourite movies
My favorite movie is Aladdin and The Lion King. Their just so fun and upbeat through the movie. It's really great.
Favourite music
My favorite music is