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18, Female
United States
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i love dragon ball z kai i love to read and draw i am very active i've visited yellowstone and been to 13 states i love dogs and animals and i think me and my friend are doing a fundraiser for ASPCA in summer but we have to check and see what we can do.
Tools of the trade
i use HB F 6B and 5B and others regular paper i actuallt draw on a dog bed whitch i set my laptop on the cushion wich i set the cushion on the floor and on the hard side and flat surface of the bed i put my paper down and start to draw.
drawing,playing with animals, riding bike around neighborhood, watching t.v, relaxing, playing with friends, traveling and that is about all
Favourite books
percy jackson and the lightning thief, the hobbit, diary of a wimpy kid, captain underpants, lets just say i got a lot of favorite books and those are the ones i know of.
Favourite movies
i am going to have to go with the hobbit and a couple of dragon ball z movies i really like disney movies like finding nemo and i feel like i can not grow up i love kid movies i like comedy movies too.
Favourite music
decembirestes and their song this is why we fight shakira waka waka adele nd rumur has it and somebody like you thi sis not really a song but i like the song far over the misty mountains cold from the hobbit and the theme song to dragon ball z kai and a lot more but thats all i can think of