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About well I save doing this last of all the things in my profile so...I'll fill this in later *>If I remember that is...<*
Tools of the trade
Well I don't really see the use of listing them and but I can say that I have a 'Bamboo Tablet' that sadly still suck at digital art so I haven't been using as much as others might. Also have the basics of sketch pencils and color pencils. Really it I guess if I think of something else I'll list it~
Drawing of course. Other then that texting me peeps and reading the best-est and greatest Japanese comic of all times .....(MaNgA~!)
Favourite books
Books? Well, Manga is a (comic) well, fav manga would be Naruto...Yes Naruto the wonderful tale of a young ninja that lived a sad...*sniff* lonely life, soon he (Naruto for those of you that don't know) learns the truth about his life and how it came to be so sad. Blah Blah Blah, storyline crap, Blah Blah Blop~ you get it from here~.
Favourite movies
I would have to say "Spirited Away" the tale of a young girl (what is with me describing characters as 'Young' ?) that is just moving to a new town when her father decides to take a short cut to there new home when the end up at an enterence of a old trai- ... W-Why am i narrating the story... *huff* well you know the name of it and that's and ya care about right?! *sigh~*
Favourite music
Now here something I can answer nice and quick .... Really anything... big whoop right?