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United States
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I live in the USA! I love to draw and am the best in my town! (I literally won my schools 2012 art award)... I draw anime or i prefer to call it manga, my girls are really good and my guys are getting a lot better to. My friends request me to make them posters and bookmarks, so I draw wat ever the want me to lol! I CAN'T draw realistic really well but my animals show a kind of half realistic and half cartoon feature that people seem to like.
Tools of the trade
I like to mostly only use graphite and not color my pictures. If I do color my images I use color pencils. When I'm doing a canvas painting I prefer canvas board and acrilic paints.Charcoal is hard but is fun to play around with too!
Favourite books
The hunger games, InuYasha, and a LOT of different mangas that I don't remeber their exact name I just really like them lol!
Favourite movies
I love a lot of movies
Favourite music
idk I like a lot of music
Sam Molleur