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I am a 13 year old girl named Leah. My favorite color (IN THE WORLD!!!!) is BLUE! Anyway, I am a HORRIBLE artist (I can hardly draw WATER!) but I love drawing anyways! This website has really helped me improve my artistic talent (if I have any...). I am also a HUGE Powerpuff Girls (and Powerpuff Girl Z) fan (as you can tell from my display name!) and just ADORE them! My favorite is Miyako and Bubbles! I also like Sugar Sugar Rune and Mew Mew Power! Anywho, thanks for taking the time to look at my page! Oh and I have long blondish hair and blue eyes (and glasses). I LOVE ALL YOU!
Tools of the trade
Um... the IPad? And Paper and Pencil (the mechanical one). And sometimes SHARPIE! DOING MY HAPPY DANCE!!! YAAAAY!
Swimming, Dancing, Screaming (yes really!), Spying (SHHH! Dont tell!), and Scaring the pee outta my family by running to a window and slamming my face up against it with a mask on (you wouldnt want to sleep over with me... I scare people... and then they go to the bathroom and... pineapple. Yea... they pineapple! Hehehe! *sweat drops anime style*). I also enjoy singing at the TOP OF MY LUNGS! TRALALALALAAAA! And walking up to my creepy neighbor and saying "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY OLD MAN!" then running for my life cuz that dude has a HEAVY purse (yes... I said Purse!).
Favourite books
Um... I love so many books! Do comics count? I LOVE COMICS! But I cry when I read the Doujinshi! POOR DEEDEE! And I dont like that Blossom is with Dexter (no offence to fans of the pairing), I like the whole Brick/Blossom pairing XD! Anyway... My fave books are... 1. Dork Diaries 2. Lights Camera Cassidy 3. Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet 4. Anything Lisa Greenwald writes (I am a MASSIVE fan!) 5. These twin books (the ones with Payton and Emma if you heard of it...) 6. Anything I find on FanFiction (that has to do with PPG and RRB) 7. Anything ROMANTIC! 8. The Candymakers! Thats all I got for now! Bye bye! I luv ya!
Favourite movies
I have too many to count! I like anything FUNNY! And I also like romantic (for me... Montè Carlo comes to mind). Anyway... I know you could sit there on your computer reading about some person you DONT know... OR YOU CAN EAT A BURRITO! Sorry, I am really bored right now...
Favourite music
CASCADA! CASCADA! CASCADA! I love "Evacuate the Dancefloor" and "Bad Boy" and "Everytime we Touch". I am also a HUGE Taylor Swift fan! I could listen to her all day... LOVE YA TAY TAY! OMG! I just remembered something my cousin told me! You guys know how Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated a while back? Well if things worked out and they got married... THEY WOULD BOTH BE TAYLOR LAUTNER! Think of how funny it would be when someone asks for "Taylor Lautner?" and they both whiz around and say "Yes?"! I just peed my shorts from laughing so dang hard!
Um... Dont have one...
Um... no...
Dont have one (and don't know what it is)
Didnt feel safe so I left...
Same as FB