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drawing is my only way of, other than singing, for me to express how i feel. im told that im am very talkitive, i will talk to any one who will talk to me. all my life i have been hanging out with people who do drugs and who werent the best peolpe and ive helped them become better people. helping people who need help brings me joy, knowing that because of me thay now are able to make bonds that are embeded in the soul rather than the mind. i am always prepaired with a few jokes to break the tenchin and wash away all the pain, and im always looking for a friends who is willimg to take my hand and follow me. in my lifetime my friends have abandonded me, baied on me when i needed them most but i was willing to forgive them remembering the laphter we shared and the joy that will come from the futer, but one friend has his hooks so deep in me that i have to cry my self to sleep every night knowing that in the morning when i wake up, my best guyfriend hates me. Rigovertay Agulaira, if you are reading this i just w
Tools of the trade
what ever pencil i can get.
i read, draw, origamie, listening to music, i particapait in the middle school chior, and i am currently learning to speak french.
Favourite books
i have many favorite books but i especialy like the twilight seiries and erogon< i like book that have good description wich both series have.
Favourite movies
i love horrore movies.
Favourite music
LMFAO, sick puppies, Ellie Golmen, Gym class heroes, five finger death punch, dead mouse, Marilin Manson, Alien ant farm, cold play, kesha, one republic, green day, lady gaga, brono mars, Adel, flo rida, jasin marz, nickle back, jessie j, black eyed peas kellie klarkson and many more!!!