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19, Female
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A crazy, reckless girl who loves to sleep?? Ha that's right I love to sleep. I'm kinda lazy. I love to just hangout and try crazy stuff.
Tools of the trade
Well, most of the time I have my nose buried in a book but I like drawing, though I'm horrible at painting. I only good with pencil shading and drawing. I also do a bit of art works...I made a life size soft-dog once!! Oh, and annoying people is also one of my hobbies at which I excel!!
Favourite books
Humm....I absolutely love reading book,so yeah I'm a real book worm. My favourites are the Gone series by Micheal Grant. Vampire Academy by Rachael Mead. I read a dozen others (Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Dark Tower and so on) but the other two have a special place in my heart.
Favourite movies
Mwhahahaha!! Let's see...I LOVE horror movies and I love Ring, Grudge, Mirrors, and *drum rolls* Paranormal Activity!!! (I absolutely love Paranormal activity!!!!!)) I like animated movies too, and well, all kinds of movies. I really like Frozen for some reason.
Favourite music
OHH YEAHHH!!!! METAL RULEZZZZZZ!!! So yes, I'm in love with Metal music. My favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold!!! OMG!! They are soo cool! I also like Bullet For My Valentine and Panthera. And Evanescence. I also love Breaking Benjamin and Skillet!! Oh! Oh!! I'm also a great fan of RIHANNA!!! Love her songs (and songs only)!!