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18, Female
United States
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I love anime I cant draw them really good like dawn and different people but i try my best :)
Tools of the trade
You know you can use anything you think would work i use different things like markers (rosa art) crayons (any brand put they have to be strong) number 2 pencils (even colored pencils) anything works you can try your own things or you can try whats on the list thank you for reading!
Well of course drawing i like making new outfits,playing video games,helping down stairs at the kids alive (kids alive is kids church lol) holding my little black kitty cat (he is the runt of the littler the mamma had 5 kittys btw he is so small his name is samson we named him after a person in the bible who was super strong samson has catched 10 birds a few rabbits so ya hes a monster lol) so if u have a pet please tell me about it!
Favourite books
I LOVE Every Soul Is A Star (btw AWESOME BOOK!) um A Dogs Life (its kinda sad but a very good book if your an animal lover you might cry HARD like me lol) diary of a wimpy kid try reading the books and tell me how you liked them!
Favourite movies
I really dont have fav movies but i like almost every movie i see i like madagasgar or how ever your spell it its the third one lol i also like soul surfer and diary of a wimpy kid both movies lol and lots more if you see the movies or you saw them tell me how you liked them
Favourite music
Gospel,Pop Country,and Hiphop