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Trinidad and Tobago
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Hello ,well I like to draw and write novels .Mostly I like to draw animes , I can imitate any drawing really good .So you can say im an imitator at drawing .I cant draw whats if my head or imagination cause it will look like ummm how do you say it , a 5 year old drawing or a 2! I can't write poems though.I have a little hamster called Pika .I don't exactly know what to put in this thingy so message me or something .Im so stranger (actually i am butttt) hit me up (message me ) .
Tools of the trade
Reading ,dancing (weirdly ) , Drawing , going new places, watching korean movies.
Favourite books
OOoo there is sooo much ,if u a crazy reader like me check out this site ,Wattpad .Im safz123 ,follow me!! :D I read manga ,and since I have this thing about saving money ,I have no money so no books.I read manga on this site mangareader.net and if you have any good sites ,message me please.I read like crazy so um , I love Hush Hush (whole series) , Vampire Academy ( whole series) <3 to Dimitri ,Fallen ,Hex Hall , etc..I just cant remember but itsss loads of books .
Favourite movies
Best ever is InkHeart ,Sleepover , The conjuring then its loads of different names , I love korean movies , 100 days with Mr.Arrogant,Love so Devine ,Baby and Me , Sunny, He was cool , 200 pounds of beauty , My boyfriend is a type B and much more because im to lazy to type it out.
Favourite music
I like anymusic except Oprah singing and that Beethoven ,sorry but that type of music sends me to sleep ...