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20, Female
United Kingdom
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PLEASE NOTE: I AM 2 YEARS YOUNGER THAN AGE ABOVE! hi im zena! to tell you one thing... i love art! im always begging my mum to get me sketch books and pens.i want to be an illustrator when i'm older and an author aswell if i can manage. I also LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE ponies! i used to go horse riding but i haven't been in a while. i still love ponies though. i have two kittens called willow and poppy and they are soooooooo cute!!!!!!! i also likemaking notebooks, so now i make sketchbooks rather than buying them :D. Also please check out my YouTube Channel!!!: http://www.youtube.com/user/zenawoodchannel
Tools of the trade
anything i have, really. usually a pencil along with a rubber and an emergency sharpener. i usually doodle with felt tips and fine liners, too
well, i really love drawing(duh) and i draw horses alot.i used to go horse riding but even if i don't go anymore wont stop my love of ponies! i do japanese paper folding called origami, too and i also like scoobies (aka scoubidou) and i can do lots of stiches and knots with them!!!!!!
Favourite books
i read alot but mostly harry potter books, i'm reading them in order for the third time! i'm an ultimate fan of j k rowling. i have also read the tales of beedle the bard by j k rowling and some of the stories are really gruesome! I also like to read a bit of michael morpurgo, and Jaqueline Wilson is quite good, too :D
Favourite movies
again i mostly like harry potter but another fave film is black beauty, a story of a horse who has a rough beginning in life. i like dark shadows that i saw in the cinema in may, i also like avangers assemble.
Favourite music
well, i am a huge fan of queen, and the best song eva (in my opinion) is bohemian rhapsody! !!!! i like it because it is a mix of different styles of music so anyone can love it! i also like the foo fighters who sing a song called everlong which is an awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!! i also like labrinth- express yourself, david guetta- titanium
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