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20, Female
United States
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im a fifteen year old college student living in the us (i wont tell you where ;) ) i like ANYTHING that pertains to fine arts, singing violin, drawing, painting, ductape, cooking, etc. my only problem is that i have so many hobbies i cant practice all of them! i plan on going for a masters in fine arts with a focus on art and then teaching at a college level.
Tools of the trade
i normally use pencil, but i have tried charcoal and a little paint. i want to learn how to make pictures with salt or sand (i saw someone do that once) but i haven't gotten to learn yet. i also like to make things out of duct tape and im learning embroidery (though so far the best ive gotten is a non shaded flower)
sewing, singing, violin, drawing, painting, writing, cooking, dancing, pottery, embroidery, beading, jewelry, etc.
Favourite books
harry potter series, lord of the rings (ive only read the first) protector of the small series hungergames!!!
Favourite movies
harry potter 1 & 2 (i dont really like the rest) ALL of the lord of the rings (cant wait for the hobbit) timeline signs
Favourite music
when God ran, by philips, craig and dean i am, by mark schultz walking her home, by mark schultz letters from war, by mark schultz