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Everyone Says That You're Either Fat Or Skinny. That You're Either Tall Or Short. That You're Either A Nerd Or Dumb. But Where Is The In Between? I Mean Seriously, Why Can't There Be A Middle? I've Always Wondered Why People Have To Be So Mean But I Can Never Get An Exceptional Answer. All I Get Is That People Hurt One Another Just Because They Are Insecure About Themselves. But Seriously, Don't Pick On The Weaker Man Just To "Feel Good" Or "Better" About Yourself. All That Will Do Is Make You're Feel Even Worse In Due Time. Hi I'm 13 Years Old And i Love To Draw. I Do Make Those kind Of Quotes Once And While Because I've Noticed How Mean People Can Be Mostly At School. It Makes Me Feel Bad Even If I'm Not The One Being Picked On. Anyway, I Really Do LOVE To Draw. I've Have Been Drawing Since I Was At Least In 4th Grade. I May Not be Nearly As Good As Some Of The People On This Site But I It's Really About The Drawing Itself An
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Drawing Duh!!
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The Hunger Games Series, Anything By Stephen King,
Favourite movies
Anything Scary Or Funny...
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Anything Except Hip-Hop O_O