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United States
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theres not much to say, really. I'v been drawing since I was, like 8 and really got into it when I was 9. The best way to descibe me is a misunderstood genius, and the misunderstood part is no one THINKS im a genius. I mostly draw cartoons, and some anime. My friend's dad recommended this site to me after they saw me draw their son in cartoon form. People like Daisydog, Smileymonkey and Maximaal are really nice to me, and they make me happy to come back on this site. My favorite T.V. shows are the classic Looney Tunes, Allen Gregory, regular show, Napoleon Dynamite, , Tom and Jerry, American dad, South Park, and Family Guy.Some day I hope to be an animater for cartoons, maby for Loony Tunes.I spend a lot of time drawing, even though I have a really busy sceduale. My deviantart username is burnzy69. My favorite cartoon characters are Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Spongebob Squarepants, Stewie Griffin, Allen Gregory, and Mr. Krabs. My sister, Alexa Rose, has an accont here too, and her username is kitty554.
Tools of the trade
color pencils, pencil, my sketch pad, sharpie pen, sharpie
I'm into football , ice hockey, and I love to draw. I also play a little too much X-BOX. If you have X-BOX LIVE, I go on there alot, so maby we could play some time. My name is Burnzy36. The games I play are Modern Warfare 2 & 3, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Minecraft, Batman Arkham city, and a lot more. I would really like to take up playing guitar, but I just dont have time. I also write little stories, most being action. I must addmit, some of them are actully pretty good, and someday Id like to try to publish one into a real book.
Favourite books
Out of all the books I'v ever read, my favorites are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Savvy, Scumble, Holes, Percy Jackson, the Diary Of a Whimpy Kid series, and Origami Yoda.
Favourite movies
My favorite movies are Jaws, The Godfather, Napoleon Dynamite , Happy Gilmore, Scarface, Dodgeball: an underdog story,Ghost Rider, Batman: The Dark Knight, Billy Madison, Accepted, all the Starwars movies, Thinner, How the Grinch stole Christmas, kicking and screaming,the Spongbob Squrepants movie, Batman Beguins, the Titanic, and Kujo.
Favourite music
My favorite music is Led Zepplin, AC-DC,LMFAO,the rolling stones, Guns and Roses, Areo Smith, and Don Henley. im more of a hard-rock fan.