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ermm dont realy know what to put here so ill just list random things bout me. My favorite animals are foxes and wolves ( cant choose between the two) oh nd i love crows, i also like horses and dolphins :) my fav type of dog is a husky/ German shepherd my fav colour is baby blue not blue like the sky but blue like the sea My favorite film and book is The Hunger Games My favorite District is District 2 and my favorite character is Cato My favorite games are all of the pokemon games and my favorite pokemon is umbreon and my favorite element is Dark i usualy seem quiet at first but when you get to know me you will soon change you mind..... MWAHAHAHAHA!
Tools of the trade
hmmm.... i use lots of things to draw. I always need a rubber though
i love drawing (obviously). I also like table-tennis and swimming and reading and playin video games (mainly things like spyro or pokemon summet that takes awhile to complete) , anything outdoorsy, rock climbing, running, paint balling, golf,darts, anything artsy or creative, and the list goes on.........
Favourite books
well i ike the vampire diaries (all of them), twilight, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay (my fav characters from that are Finnick and Cato) and The Secret Circle, The Nightshade Series (Gotta love Ren ;) ), The Percy Jackson Series (Luke and Leo are just epic XD and i cant wait for Mark of Athena, im curious to find out about the whole Sammy/Leo situation i mean wouldnt it be akward for Hazel if Sammy/Leo was the same person o_O), the Darke Academy series and soon i will be reading Divergent hope its as good as everyone says it is... and loads of other random books but i cba to list them all.
Favourite movies
The Hunger Games (not as good as the books in my opinion but still awesome cried when rue died :'( poor rue oh and cato :'( so sad, still cant belive we have to wait over a year for catching fire),Percy Jackson and the lighting theif (they missed alot of characters out of that movie though hope Sea of Monsters is better), Twilight (waiting on breaking dawn part 2 now cnt wait till November XD) and The vampire diaries Yes i know it isnt a movie but i had to put it somewhere on here i mean seriously it's epic!( Delena and Stefarine <3) oh and the Secret Circle yes thats not a movie either but oh well who cares its awesome Deal With It! <3 Oh i also like wolf's rain but i hate the ending why does every character i like have to die?? and no thats not a movie either. I also like Teen Wolf its awesome, i wonder what they're going to do about the Kanima O_o.........
Favourite music
Well i like a range of music so pretty much anything XD
y would you want to know that?
not yet :)
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I'll give you my page not my actual account -
dont have tht either.