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19, Female
United States
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I draw for fun, I've been drawing since I was 6, but started drawing well at age 11, I love Jack Skellington (he's mine guys okay?), I love zombies and pokemon, I'm a drama girl in school, in school people are always begging me to draw something for them, so much that I might just start a business for drawing like one of my friends (except his is duct tape stuff), umm yep. Oh, I love Glee and Make It Or Break It, I'm a horseback rider and yeah, that's about it. I'm 13 now, 14 on May 28, and I am currently in eighth grade and taking German, and I'm also in advanced math. The Addams Family Musical is the best musical ever and I'm so sad that I will only ever have the chance to see it once on broadway as it is closing Dec 31. D:
Tools of the trade
mechanical pencils, oil pastels, colored pencils, sharpies (for outlining stuff), an app on my iPad that is called ArtStudio for iPad
Horseback riding, gymnastics, drama, drawing, hanging with friends, chorus, and with all of that, adding school, I have basically no free time, but whatever. I like it that way.
Favourite books
Harry Potter series, Tiger's Curse, Sarah Dessen books.
Favourite movies
Harry Potter 1-8, Big Fat Liar, Mean Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas <3
Favourite music
All Time Low, Madsen (German band), Sparks The Rescue (check them out!), Adam Lambert, Evanescence, Lady Gaga, Paramore, anything from musicals, The Addams Family Musical, Kate Voegle, I Nine, The Maine, mostly alternative, some pop, some rock, and showtunes.