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21, Female
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Hey! I'm Annika (I know I have a pretty weird name). I started drawing when I was around 6-7 years old (about 7 years ago) and I love it! I then took up art lessons about a year ago, and found that lessons are somewhat pointless. I don't know if it was my teacher, but she wanted us to draw HER WAY; OR NO WAY. And that's just not how I see art. But anyways, I'M CANADIAN! I took my snow dogs all the way to the store to buy a computer that wouldn't freeze in my igloo! Just kidding (but I'm sure you knew that), but we DON'T say "eh?" that much... So go ahead and make fun of my country, but I guarantee you'll change your mind once you've been here! So that's a little about me; well not really, but you get the gist of it... check out my favorite people's Dragoart accounts: MagicBunny, Dawn... and ME! (although I have literally nothing on my account:P) BYE!!!
Tools of the trade
-Drawing -Creating Jewelry -Listening to Music
Favourite books
-Twilight Series -Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants -Mortal Instruments Trilogy
Favourite movies
-A Walk To Remember
Favourite music
-The Rocket Summer
It's a secret :P
It's a secret :P
It's a secret :P
It's a secret :P
It's a secret :P
It's a secret :P