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how to draw deadpool gir drawing tutorial
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18, Female
United States
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i am me,if ur new to me (face-to-face) than i can get rlly shy,i don't talk much unless i need to,i'm not very girly but i'm still not a tomboy,i don't wear like skirts or dresses oranything i just wear pants/shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers or flip-flops,i have brown-blondish hiar....but mostly brown,i have blue eyes,i like wearing rubber bracelets or rubberbands as bracelets i can't rlly wear any other braclet i don't know why it just bugs me,um i love hanging out with friends,but unfortunatly i only have like three friends in my life,i am homeschooled -....SUCKERSS..- i'm awesome \at school,but thaat doesn't exactly meani love it,but i like geography,i love japan and theres alot more about me but this is all u need to know
Tools of the trade
i just use a regular pencil that u buy at a dollar general or something,or i use a mechanical pencil,andi have alot of different types of pencils...i just don't use them x3
drawing watching netfix singing going on computer drawing playing pool writing hanging out with my three friends
Favourite books
warriorcats series(by erin hunter) diary of the wimpy kid moby dick heart of a samurai adventure/action books and ALOT more but i can't think of all them
Favourite movies
wreck-it ralph treasure planet the host apollo 18 lady and the tramp the lion king I,robot all of the lilo and stitch movies kronks new groove the emporers new groove ~tv shows~ grey's anatomy lost that 70's show raising hope spider man-animated shows,+movies x-men,animated shows-+movies almost anything marvel related the hungergames and alot more movies...
Favourite music
taylor swift miley cyrus-7 things,and party in the usa just the way you are-bruno mars payphone-maroon 5 jamie grace toby mac skillet