Favourite tutorials
how to draw a skull and crossbones drawing tutorial
how to draw an easy tattoo drawing tutorial
how to draw a wolf head drawing tutorial
how to draw a phoenix bird of flames drawing tutorial
how to draw a phoenix drawing tutorial
how to draw a cute animal drawing tutorial
how to draw a jackal drawing tutorial
how to draw a night elf from world of warcraft drawing tutorial
how to draw okami amaterasu from okami drawing tutorial
how to draw emily strange from emily the strange drawing tutorial
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m Lindsey Who Currently Lost All The Good Im Her Life. :/ I Dont Fight... Anymore I Wont Say A Harsh Word Unless Strongly Needed. Every Day Another Death In The Family :/ So. I Just I Wait Until I Die Soon Hopefully. So I Try To Live Life to The Fullest. And Try To Get The Friends That Actually Care, But They Just Leave So I Stand Alone. And Thats What Makes Me... Well ME. I Am A Moody Little Kid I Could Say, But Thats Just Who I Am. I Have Trust,Depression And Anger Issues So Dont Even Go There. And I Really Need Time To Think Before You Get To Know Me. Because I Wont Take The Risk Of Getting Threw Away Like That Again So Treat Me With Respect And Ill Treat You The Same Way, i Go Through Alot And Noone Understands. But I Always Have This Way To Make Some One Hate Me. And I Fucking HATE LIFE. But People May Try To Say Its 'ALRIGHT' But Its Not It Never Will Be. R.I.P Timmy Kilgore 12/16/07 R.I.P Papaw Tackett 12/4/10 :/ More Lists But I Just Cant Say. The Reckoning Has Come
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GIMP. Paint. Photoshop CS3
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Die And Its All A Lie ; The Crossroads; Dead is a state of mind.
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Paranormal; Horror,.
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Anything Depends on my mood.