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how to draw a dragon rider drawing tutorial
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Heyo random person number twelve Best Friend: What if they are not random person number twelve? .... Okay Today your random person number twelve... So hey let's get into a little bit about myself I am indeed insane I make up crazy theories and sometimes I have dreams that come true in real life o.o Should be worried? Anyway so I love to draw and do things like soon I'll be going to University in few months Best Friend: Dun leave meh best friend :-: .... Yeah.. You need to get out of my bio child so hush anyway I will also be learning how to play the piano, violin, gymnastics, cheerleading... This go on for a long time and I love to write... I literally wrote ten pages on the word "and" That's how I'm like...Anyway feel free to talk to me or leave a message I will be also writing on Quotev (kinda like wattpad check it out) When I put my account you can check out my stories I love constructive criticism anyway I'm about to die on gta 5 online so cya later BAIII!!!
Tools of the trade
(Mech or regular) Pencils, Copic markers, color pencils, and Canson Mix Media Sketch book ^-^, and Tablet
Does lazy count as being a hobby... *friend: No it doesn't* .... Shh quiet you *ties friend up and throws in closet* Heh heh heh you didn't see anything *disappears*
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OH Hai again I see you survive my bio.. you are strong well my fav books are Percy Jackson series, Fan Fiction, and .... you know what and manga.... and so on
Favourite movies
I can't choose ;-;
Favourite music
I pretty much am like eevee (all you pokemon fans) I can evolve around any type of music like how eevee can evolve around it's harsh weather like patterns and what not
Omegle or teh Skype are Magistic website don't forget teh Awesome Doge
ask me ^-^
Wait this still exist
nope sorry
nope sorry