18, Female
United States
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I have 2 macaws. They are both mates, and know how to draw a circle. I love this website, and come here often. Feel free to IM me anytime. I am available on weekends, if you want to meet at a chat site or something. My favorite person on here- (so far) - is Dawn. He is the 1st person i private Imed. I need help to change my avatar. :( like i said, I'm in love with this site. <3 If you want to know more about me, i will write later, cause i have to get on with the rest of this stuff! P.s. I am 14.
Tools of the trade
I use pencil, marker, map pencils (colored pencils), crayons, pen, paint, oil sticks, and other things.
I like to to roller skate and go bird watching. I love to draw and go online to chat.
Favourite books
I love all books, especially big long ones! But i have to say my favorite books are the ones i make myself!
Favourite movies
I don't really watch movies cause I'm more into exercise and stuff. But i may occasionally watch a movie or two sometimes!
Favourite music
I like all music. I love a little romance because i don't have any. *sighs* :(
I don't have any of my own sites. :3