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I'm Vanessa! I love drawing and sketching! I live in Australia and have a cat who i love very much!! I am a proud Whovian-I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to go on this very website to see inspirational artwork and tutorials! I like to read, draw and sleep. When i draw, it usually relaxes me and just gets my mind off things. :)
Tools of the trade
I like to use grey leads :p I also like to draw with pens-i like the messy affect!
My hobbies include reading, doing art and craft, writing, doing puzzles and playing games!
Favourite books
I have so many favorite books! These are some of them: The girl who circumnavigated fairyland on a ship of her own making Coraline, The secret series, The legend of little fur, The spindlers, The series of unfortunate events
Favourite movies
No favorites....yet.
Favourite music
Right now i'm not sure what my absolute favorite type of music is...nor do i have a favorite musician... This might sound weird but i quite like the music on the show Adventure time!