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United States
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first off i am a self taught Traditional Artist and also a Photographer sorta i Free hand almost all of my drawings. i wear summer tank tops all year Long! , i've got six other siblings and a bunch of pets, i'm home schooled, and when ever i can i spend time in the woods taking pictures of the wildlife in my little forest, and i also Volunteer at a Therapeutic riding program once a week and i've been doing that for four years now, i also walk dogs for a neighbor with my sister and we now have this big pack of dogs who are all friends with each other its so cute to watch them say Hi to each other Favorite colors: anything bright, rich, and vibrant, mostly Yellow Red and Orange and turquoise and also purple i Love, rainy days, Cold Weather, Windy Weather,and Snow!!!! White chocolate Animated Movies, Drawing, Life!! ^.^. i Don't like, hot humid weather! , Chocolate or Coffee can't stand both the sent and the taste , construction trucks in my woods, other stuff i can't thin
Tools of the trade
Mec Pencil 38mm black gel pen colored pencils and most of the time i use Gimp to color in
Other then draw i make friendship bracelets, i'm a huge nature nut and love to track and photograph animals, i also write stories for fun =)
Favourite books
the Maximum ride series and the Chronicles of ancient darkness series i don't read much
Favourite movies
Spirit stallion of the cimarron! most Disney Movies well to put it in short i Love Movies!
Favourite music
i literally listen to all kinds