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how to draw mel gibson, mel gibson drawing tutorial
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how to draw a gray wolf, timber wolf drawing tutorial
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I AM NOT FROM ANTARCTICA!!! I am Toren, Toren Celeste, I hate my last name!!! But I am a lucky guy, all girls fall over me and I accept it, but one girl won my heart like none. Name is Sakura. Momohime is my stupid little disturbing sister who I have to take care of, but she is a big gamer and she is smart, so I have no problems, but be careful, I don't want any of you sniffing with her, if I sense suspisious things, she is banned from DragoArt, better be careful. Jadzia, well, Marilda, is patient, but her arms. OWY! And Momo's legs! Owwww! This is about me, not Momo, so, um, where was I, yeah, got it, so listen, I don't have a BEARD! I CAN'T BEAR THEM!!! Momo says I look like Link from Legend of Zelda. You know, I love maths as much as I love Sakura and Momo, even though she is such an idiot. I much should I type.Okay, this is the end. Hope ya enjoyed my cool life! Hope ya have 1 too!
Tools of the trade
What can a guy use, really?
Eating cakes, playing video games, hanging with Sakura, proving Momo wrong (She is too smart) and LEGEND OF ZELDA!
Favourite books
I read Math books and comics the same. Hyrule Historia much the same.
Favourite movies
Pirates of the Carribean all series, Journey, Shrek, Sucker Punch and whatnot.
Favourite music
I love almost any music except screamo. I love Taylor Swift Music.
Ooh, listen, I am dead.
vs DragoArt
Um, Momo's head.
Why do wanna know?
is filled with celebrities.