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23, Female
United Kingdom
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For a start I AM CRAZY (in a good way), I love drawing/painting, I also sing, play the guitar and violin, enjoy reading (but its gotta be fiction), write songs/poems and I Love Animals (AWW). I am currently studying chemistry, maths and music at college but have already got A levels in Geology and Physics.
Tools of the trade
I use Graphite pencil mainly but sometimes I will go over them in a pen. I often colour using watercolour pencils but I also use normal coloured pencils and sometimes I may even use acrylic paint and put a drawing onto canvas.
I play violin, Guitar, I Sing and I read, Also laughing at horror movies - if that counts, Insulting almost any1 and every1 (as a joke) who I know, Drawing (obviously) and Painting, Playing on the wii when im bored, Also anything else crazy I can think of to do (but not too crazy) HA!
Favourite books
Angel and Angel fire by L.A.Weatherly, Ash by Merlinda Lo, Ultraviolet, Knife, Rebel and Arrow - all by R J Anderson, The two princesses of bamare (cant remember who wrote this)
Favourite movies
Avatar, G-Force - as I have a Guinea Pig, Happy Feet, Ice Age 1, 2 & 3, I like almost all animated movies and any with animals in too I like to laugh at horror Movies because they are sooo predictable (woman in black was a hoot!)
Favourite music
Well I will listen to almost any Rock and Metal as long as its not too heavy (and you can actually hear the words). This includes these bands/Artists: Avenged sevenfold, Skye Sweetnam, Bullet For My Vallentine, Greenday, Breaking Benjamin, Nightwish, Rise Against, Dover, Evanescence, Disturbed, Nickelback, Queen, Skye Sweetnam, and many more (but Greenday are my fave) However I also listen to bands/Artists such as: Avril Lavigne, John Denver, Charlie Daniels (& band), Definately NO JB and almost NO recent or new pop music (i.e in the last 2 years)
Ruby Sheepy Arnold