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Hong Kong
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Member since: Sep 22, 2013
I'm just a person who enjoy art.I spend most of my time on Tumblr.My dream jobs are - work as a fashion designer/ painter/ Art Editor for a metal music magazine/ design and hold a Metal music festival etc. They're mostly related to art. I can also play Instruments so if i form a band in the future, the logo, band shirts, album covers will probably designed by me :)
Tools of the trade
Photoshop, poster color, Acrylic color, pencil etc.
Crafting, Art, playing guitar and Piano or chat to nice people especially metalheads
Favourite books
Detective stories like Sherlock Holmes, been a fan of that novel for years.
Favourite movies
Nancy Drew (2007) Transformers All Case Closed(Detective Conan) movies
Favourite music
Metal, almost every kinds of metal, from the early Heavy Metal to Thrash, Death, a little bit of Black(mostly Symphonic Black), Power, Symphonic or even metalcore(early) etc. There's a time i was into Glam but it's not really my cup of tea since it's not that heavy. I used to in love with Classical music as I play the piano but now, metal is my favorite.