18, Female
United States
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Haiii ;D I'm Jada :p I love to have fun =3 I like to make people laugh and make funny noices xD I love music it's my life *o* I love to draw <3 I draw anything that expresses my feelings :) but sometimes I just draw stuff on here :D I love my hair it's short now :3 but I wanna get extensions I like the 'emo' life but I am not one of those posers who say hey! I'm emo :D ! cause im not -.- I'm just a girl who likes a different type of hair and dress style. Werid Facts Bout Meh! ; I wanna lone wolf tattoo :D I want snakebites :) I'm 5'4 o.o I like poking people ^-^ I sing *o* I like meeting new people :3 I'm pretty shy when you meet me but when you get used to me I start to relax :) Fun Facts; I'm getting my hair to a fringe and might get extensions :O I'm Bi ;* I like any type of "people" 'emo,scene,prep,etc..' I judge on personality :) Not looks -_- I hate when people do that -.- I Like making Cd
Tools of the trade
pencil,pens,sharpies,markers,colored pencils,not paint cause I throw a fit cause I always go out of line xD
Skateboarding,Drawing,Singing, Making Cd's, Going to Hottopic and the Converse Outlet XD
Favourite books
Anything Interesting... o.0
Favourite movies
Mystery,Humor,Action,Romance,Horror :OOOO.
Favourite music
PTV,SWS,Asking Alexandria :3, Avril Lavenge, Drake, Linkin Park, BVB, FIR, ETF (--old--), Arion, and many more :DDDD
I don't know what to put here o.0
This is old!!
to many fakes :o