19, Female
United States
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I have been drawing since i was 13 an i have been improving alot with the help of Dragoart.
Tools of the trade
When i draw i use a lead pencil, a large white eraser, a ruler, and anything i may need to draw a circle, when i am done i use colored pencils to color the picture.
My hobbies include playing Rock Band, drawing, and sleeping.
Favourite books
My favorite artist would have to be New York Times Bestseller, Ellen Hopkins. She writes about how life is on drugs, although her books are fiction she writes of things that could happen in your life if you were on drugs. I find her work very intreeging.
Favourite movies
I very much enjoy horror movies like My Bloody Valintine, but i also like funnier movies such as Dinner For Shmucks. I think my all time favorite movie would have to be The Forth Kind. When i first watched The Forth Kind i was with my sister, we were sitting on my bed watching it, and we got about halfway through it and were lost so we had to restart it. By the end of the movie we were so creeped out when we went downstairs we brought a baseball bat with us. What was weird was My Bloody Valintine didnt even scare us, we thought it was pretty awsome, yet The Forth Kind creeped us out so much we brought a baseball bat downstairs with us.
Favourite music
I enjoy pop, rock, screemo, and very little country.