21, Female
United States
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Well, I love art, of course.---- And I'm from the Midwestern part of the US and I love it.---- If there ever was a time you had to cook for me, I'd never say no to French fries.---- I love animals. I always have.---- I would rather be blind than deaf, because then I could still hear music, but all in all, I wish no one would have to go without.---- I love the feeling of making someone laugh...which doesn't always happen because I'm sorta quiet (I'm much better when I'm typing, though. :D).---- Oh, and I'm scrawny.---- My sister (whom I spend most of my time with) calls me a hippie. Yeah that works, actually.---- And the chicken came before the egg. If the egg came first, there wouldn't be a chicken there to incubate it.---- So, yeah. Thanks for reading!
Tools of the trade
I'll use anything to draw... even my mom's make-up. XD
Drawing(duh), writing, playing guitar and piano, taking photos, ice cream sandwiches, dreaming, watching old shows on YouTube, studying, smelling the rain, having insomnia, listening to music, and a lot of other things. :)
Favourite books
I love reading so much, I don't really have any favorites. >.>
Favourite movies
I'm too indecisive to say, really. I guess not anything too heavy, though, 'cause I can't focus very well. O_o
Favourite music
Favorite music? Well, I grew up hearing a lot of classic rock, but besides that, I like a wide variety of music. Like pop-rock, acoustic, and alternative. I have to say I'm into the whole heavy metal genre; It's just not my style. But one thing that I love is the techno, electronic kind of sound. I don't know why, maybe it's because of my nerdiness, but I love synthesizers. :D