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I've been drawing since I was only a very young little girl. It's always been something I've loved and I don't think it'll ever wear off. Drawing sorta runs in my family but I am, however, the only one that can draw animals. My people aren't as good (I can do a pretty good zombie) but they are okay as long as they're cartooney nonetheless. My style for animals does vary though. I can very much do realistic and cartooney. I specialize in mythical creatures and animals with wolflike body builds. I can draw others rather well though. It is, in fact, only something I specialize in. I can also draw some great objects as well. For this, I am best at weapons such as guns, swords and most other weaponry.
Tools of the trade
I use a variety of different pencils. Nothing like colored pencils, though. Just the regulars (but they're specially made for drawing and/or sketching). I just started using these and absolutely love them so I'll definately be using them in my newest drawings. Before I'd used mechanical pencils. I never use pen, considering the fact that I can't erase when I mess up.
Favourite books
The Mortal Instruments Series, Nightshade Series, The Eleventh Plague,
Favourite movies
Most horror/gory movies. Will have a list of my top faves soon.
Favourite music
Rock. My top favorite bands are: Avenged Sevenfold (LOVE them!), Bullet For My Valentine, Falling In Reverse (Another I LOVE but not as much as A7X), Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, 10 Years, Linkin Park