27, Female
United States
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I am a normal girl ^_^ like any other lol, =) I like to make friends I'm friendly, I love to draw by hand and on computer, I also love to make fanfic stories and write =) hehe O.O idk what else to put =D I'll update XD when I think of something
Tools of the trade
I use Pencil, Paper, Paint.NET, GIMP, Paint, I wanna get Photoshop and a few other programs =)
my hobbies o.o, I'm a writer not a pro but you know what i mean, I write stories fanfic stories and such, umm I make AMVs, and I draw on the computer on and gimp, and recently I started to learn how to draw by hand cause I REALLY wanna learn :)
Favourite books
I love to read, Janet Evanovich story novels, Manga, and anything fun and interesting =)
Favourite movies
Movies *thinks* My favorite Movies are Nani Mcphee movies, Saw series, Final Destination series, I use to watch the Herry Potter series XP, o.o there so many movies i cant remember them D:. oh ummm i love anime related movies =D ill update when i think of more XD
Favourite music
I love to listen to music, my favorite bands are: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Kerli Koiv, Lacuna Coil, Utada Hikaru, t.A.T.u, The Ting Tings, XD thats it i think XD