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31, Female
Puerto Rico
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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧~\(◕‿◕✿)/ Welcome!♥♥ ^_^ Hello, nice to meet you all! My name is Annie Linnette (a.k.a Star's Lullaby) my art tag name is Sakura*Sweet*Cherry, I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm married, I'm mommy to a boy and a girl. I work on any kind of art style besides Japanese anime and my favorite art style is to draw a lot of chibis, I'm fan of racin, drifting, burnouts and draw cars. I listen to any genre of music depending on my taste or inspiration, I like anime and manga, I started to play World of Warcraft since 2008 thanks to my hubby who invited me, my main since start is a Night Elf Druid named Luminar on Scarlet Crusade (US) RP Server my 2nd favorite race/class is the Draenei Shaman besides I like to play some videogames and MMORPG games, I'm a freelance artist and housewife taking care of my kids until they start school, I like some fashion styles (ask me which ones are ;P), have fun and make new friends. IchiRuki and KiritoAsuna supporter (I've a long list o
Tools of the trade
Mechanical pencil, Sharpie, colored pencils, normal paper for sketches, Boise HD:P Premier Print Paper, draw sometimes in Photoshop just fix some details or draw something I forgot to add into the drawing.
Drawing random art and chibis art too, dedicate my time with my hubby an dour kids, watch anime, read manga, listening music, writing, blogging, videogames (old school games to new generation of games), MMORPG games (online gaming), some fashion like Lolita+Wa Lolita+urban+Casual+Asian+Russian+Arabian+Gothic styles, making art for publicity, working as a freelance artist (feel free to send me a art request), anything related to cars about drifting, burnout and race plus racing art too, addicted to the beach, going out with my lovely family, cooking, help others and other stuff depending on my taste.
Favourite books
I like to write my own stories and create my own mangas, Comics, fashion, how to draw Manga, how to draw chibis, Web comics, Online stories, fanfiction, doujinshis, Art books and other stuff depending on my taste.
Favourite movies
I've a long list of movies I like most and those are: Anime, Animation, 3D Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Terror, Suspense, Sci-Fi, etc. It doesn't matter which category the movie is, as long is good and entertains.
Favourite music
Techno, Trance, Electronica, Gothic, Industrial, Electro, House, Progressive, Dub Step, Hardcore, Disco, Japanese music, Korean music, Arabian music, Reggaeton, Rock-Pop, Instrumental, Romantic, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Spanish & English music, etc. I respect what others like to listen and I hope that you respect mine. Depending the Genre of music I'm listening to, it inspires me to make new art work.~♥ ^_^