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how to draw anime hands drawing tutorial
how to draw a cartoon rose drawing tutorial
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how to draw yaoi manga drawing tutorial
how to draw anime clothes, draw manga clothes drawing tutorial
how to draw anime bodies, draw anime body figures drawing tutorial
18, Female
United States
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I am 13 years of age. I speak English and French. I am Cajun ^^ and my role model is Gambit from X-Men (he is also Cajun)!!!!!!!!!! Here is my Bucket List (to show you more about me): (_) Make a manga (_) Be on tv twice (_) Create/Direct and be in a movie (_) Live in Louisiana when I am older (_) Visit L.A., California (_) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (X) Make a book
Tools of the trade
Paper and pencils
I love to draw, write, and game! I want to write and illistrate a manga one day!! Until then, I'm just practicing ^^
Favourite books
Matched and the sequel Crossed
Favourite movies
The Lorax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite tv show is Code Geass. My second is X-Men. And third is Sailor Moon. My favorite guys from each that I am in love with are Lelouch, Gambit, and Darien. But I would rather be with Gambit from all of them ^^ I love him so much that I envy Rogue!!
Favourite music
My favorite song: How To Save A Life by The Fray Favorite Band: Greenday, Queen, The Fray, and Marianas Trench